Automobile Accidents

Were you injured in an automobile accident as a result of someone else’s negligence? Car accidents are traumatic events, and all the more so if you or a family member is injured, or if a fatality occurs. After an automobile accident, you may have questions such as what medical treatment do I need? What about the time that I miss from work? And, who will fix my car? You should know that the insurance company of the negligent driver will be protecting its own best interests – which means that they will be looking to pay you as little as possible on your personal injury and property damage claims. The Helen Hsu Law Firm will be your advocate to assist you in obtaining the compensation that you are legally entitled to and deserve. This includes your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Helen Hsu is a dual licensed, 25 year civil litigator in the Houston area, who is extremely experienced at handling automobile accident lawsuits. She has represented hundreds of personal injury clients during her very lengthy legal career. Helen Hsu has also represented various insurance companies, and knows how they operate. We can help you with all aspects of your car accident case, including helping you establish your claim, negotiating with the insurance adjuster to settle your claim for the maximum amount of recovery, and litigating your case, if necessary.

Insurance companies are experts at denying claims, even when the evidence is clearly on your side. We will help you make your case and get the compensation you need and deserve when someone else’s carelessness or negligence turns your life upside down. So if you were involved in an auto accident, give us a call as soon as possible at (713) 260-9604 to discuss your case.